My name is Conor O'Keeffe, a 27 year old ultra runner from Cork, Ireland. Most notably, in May of this year I won the Enduroman 200 Mile Ultra Race 2019. Becoming the youngest person to finish the race. A race which hadn't had a finisher since 2016. I am also only the second person ever to complete that particular race in under the 60 hour time limit. In a time of 59:45:06 (I know, close one.)

Although, that doesn't really tell the story. There was a much different man on January 1st of that year. I think I was a man like many others. Working a 9-5 job I hated, to pay for my alcohol and cigarette fuelled weekends. Trapped. I felt my life was a constant battle between ups and downs. I would have huge highs and crashing lows. There was nowhere for me to just, be. I woke up on January 1st 2019 filled with alcohol and stinking of cigarettes and I knew shit had to change. For good this time.

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