Fundraising For Pieta House


Apr, 20

My name is Conor O'Keeffe. I'm an ultra endurance athlete and former depression sufferer.

For the past year I have been asking my body to go beyond human capabilities in the name of Pieta House.

Now I've gone completely mad! Starting on April 1st (this isn't an April fools joke but I'm clearly a fool) I will try to run 32 marathons in 32 days in the 32 counties of Ireland. And I will start with 32 pounds on my back.

Each day I will remove one pound until I finish my 32nd marathon with just one pound of weight. I have always felt that depression is like a huge weight on my shoulders.

Now that I've shaken that weight I'm going to put it back on again and shed it with all of your help. And together we will raise €100,000 for Pieta House.

Thank you in advance for your support.